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My work is the culmination of many forms of inspiration - ranging from art works of different cultures, works seen during my travels, along with patterns and forms seen in nature.  I have been fortunate enough to have travelled to many parts of the world, and during these adventures there have been numerous occasions when I have found the need to stop and retrieve pencil and paper to jot down a design. Whenever I see something that catches my eye, it is saved to the cranial computer and I never know when it will surface in connection to a new design.

Much of my work is made using recycled and salvaged timber obtained from building materials, fence posts and trees that have been cut down to make way for developments.....    I particularly enjoy using timbers of contrasting colours to be able to highlight the various colours and textures hidden within the timber. Much of my work is based on line and colour.

It is difficult to caterorise my work, but please look at the attached folders to see a broad representation of the work I have created in recent years.

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