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My work could most likely be defined into two elements: line and colour. Line coming from flowing forms… and colour drawn from the timbers I use, invariably Australian natives and more often than not combinations of contrasting colours.  I love to use recycled timbers drawn from any source available, they are filled with character, seasoned and ready to present a technical challenge as every single piece of wood has its own particular personality, just like humans.

Blackwood bar stool with Mountain Ash brace is the comfortable height of 750mm. 

Detail of wedged through mortice and tenon joints used to secure legs to the top of a bar stool.

Mountain Ash coffee table with bent laminated legs,

stands 600mm high.

Detail of leg assembly and feature grade Mountain Ash.

'Leaf Light' is made of salvaged European Ash and recycled Douglas

Fir, with LED strip lighting. When the lights are turned off,

fine lines carved in the leaf form glow in the dark.

Blackwood chair prototype with bent and laminated legs. 

Tri Table is a simple structure made of feature grade Mountain

Ash and wedged through mortice and tenon joints.

It stands approximately 600mm high.

Forest Light resembles the trunk of a tree and filtered light that breaks through the south eastern Australian hardwood forest.

It is made using Mountain Ash and Blackwood timbers

and stands approximately 650mm high.

Red gum tri-table stands approximately 650mm tall.

Arachnid table made of bent and laminated featured grade

Mountain Ash stands 650mm high.

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