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Body and ornamentation is most commonly considered to be jewellery. But, why can't it be made of wood? 

Patchwork Brooches were inspired by my wife's quilting designs.

Made of highly figures Maple, African Wenge and Australian She Oak. 

Each brooch is approximately 80mm in diameter.

Pod Brooch 1 made of figured Australian Blackwood and Gidgee.

It measures approximately 100mm high.

Maple and Wenge brooch.

Zig Zag (Triple Rail in quilters terms) brooches made of fiddle-back Maple, African Wenge and Australian She Oak or Casuarina.

Lace She Oak brooch.

Birdseye Maple brooch.

Pod Brooch 2 made of Australian Blackwood and Gidgee.

Square fiddle-back Maple brooch.

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