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Mankind has crafted things from wood for centuries that serve his most intrinsic requirement - that of nourishment. These are simply a small number of interpretations, of items that can be crafted to fulfil some of those needs.

Salad servers made of bent laminated veneers and finished with cooking oil.

These are not just practical items but beautifully sculptured forms, measuring 250mm long.

Serving boards that can also be used as cutting boards are made of recycled and salvaged timbers in varying lengths and widths.

They range from 200mm wide x 300mm long to 300mm wide to 400mm long - all finished with food-safe cooking oil.

Serving platter made of Blackwood measuring 500mm in diameter. Can be customised to suit your needs.

Serving tray made of Recycled Red Gum and stainless steel measures 300mm long x 150mm wide.

Oak platter made from Recycled Oak wine barrel staves, measuring 750mm long x 280mm wide.

Can be customised according to your desires and material available.

Detail of an Oak platter.

Small dish made of laminated recycled Myrtle, Jarrah and Mountain Ash veneers, measuring approximately 280mm x 180mm.

Detail of underside of the small dish.

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