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Turned lidded containers

The concept of a container continues to fascinate me. I once heard it referred to as the art of containment and concealment. 

Made of Peruvian Walnut and Silver Ash this piece measures approximately 150mm high. 

Scent flasks made of a variety of recycled timbers add a drop of essential oil into the container and wait for the scent to permeate through the wood - approximately 60mm high

Emperor Boxes made of a variety of timbers in various sizes, turned on three axis standing approximately 120mm high.

Finned Box 4 made of Australian Blackwood and Gidgee standing approximately 130mm high.

Hollow fluted form made of Red Gum, Ancient Red Gum and Jarrah Burl. scorched to expose the grain of the timber and create visual contrast between each component. Measures approximately 170mm in diameter.

Bamboo Box 2 made of Maple, Ebony and Aluminium measures approximately 250mm long. 

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