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I have undertaken Commissions covering a range of items including furniture, sculpture and religious items. This type of work is a challenge I enjoy taking on.

Entrance table made of Blackwood measuring 750mm in length. The client's requirement was that there be an area where they can place keys as they entered their apartment. 


The table top and legs were all turned on the lathe, quite a challenging piece to make.

Torah Scrolls for a Synagogue.

The client requested decoration that resembles a floral theme. 

Intertwining leaves were relief carved on all four disc like surfaces.

Altar Crucifix for a Lutheran Church, stands approximately 700mm high.

Crucifix and Candle holders for a Lutheran school chapel made of Red Gum and brass. The height of the Crucifix is approximately 750mm.

Outdoor sculpture for a Lutheran school located between their Chapel and Fitness Centre. The form was required to combine movement with a religious theme.

Crucifix for the Mercy Sisters resembling 'their' cross. I was given the cross on the right as a sample, and the cross on the left is my finished piece. 

Trophies for Banyule City Councils' Young Artist Awards made of Recycled Red Gum fence posts, standing approximately 250mm high.

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