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These boxes are made of recycled timbers sourced from fence posts, construction timbers, off-cuts from furniture construction and are designed to feature the wonderful texture and grain found in those special pieces that need a discerning eye to spot, highlight and then feature in that most wonderful of storage devices… a box, where you can store treasures, memories or secrets…

These boxes highlight grain and texture of the wood used, in combination of paint and textured paper.

They measure approximately 150mm long and 100mm wide.

Sliding lid box made of Red Gum measures 200mm long x 110mm wide. 

Sculptured Mountain Ash box measures approximately 150mm long and 100mm wide.

Boxes made of Recycled Red Gum fence posts with contrasting splines,

range in sizes from 100mm wide x 150mm long to 150mm wide x 220mm long.

They can be customised to suit your request.

Outback Box made of sandblasted Recycled Douglas Fir and Red Gum, lined with handmade Himalayan textured paper.

The box measures 220mm long x 75mm high

Finger jointed American Ash box measuring approximately 180mm long x 70mm high.

This style of box can be customised according to your wishes. 

Made from Mallee root, bamboo and finished with milk paint, this 

hinged box measures approximately 220mm long x 150mm high.

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