Double Take in Wood

As the title hints, there are two parts to this exhibition presented by the Victorian Woodworkers Association. There’s the fine woodwork component and Create from a Crate which focuses on the sustainable aspect of woodwork –reusing shipping crates or pallets.

I’m always up for a challenge so I couldn’t help myself, considering I always have a number of projects on the go, so it was a case of sorting out which ones would suit the theme of the show… and finish them off before being distracted and starting to explore yet another a new idea.

Fortunately all four pieces I submitted were selected through the jurying process, however none won a prize. However for those who know me a challenge only gets my mind going and there are many lateral concepts that have already evolved, ready for another opportunity to show them. Maybe next March?

Bowl of Red Gum

It was great to see so many wonderful pieces in ‘Double Take’ celebrating both the intriguing characteristics of wood so many of us love, combined with design concepts that display harmony in form or clever design concepts.

Floating Pallets

Double Take in Wood showcases and celebrates works in wood, either salvaged from shipping crates or harvested timber, prize winner or not, there are many fantastic pieces in this exhibition.

The judging process is always difficult and many worthy prize winners missed out, however they all share the knowledge that they presented their best current work and that so many members of the visiting public have either enjoyed their works, or have developed a greater understanding of what some very talented makers can make from wood that is so often seen as little more than a disposable commodity, something only worthy of the fire heap.

Even the table top was turned on the lathe.

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